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VFN Compounding (VFN) is a compounding medicinary dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality compounded products, educational materials, seminars, and service. Our facilities are designed and built for compounding, allowing us to keep a strong focus on quality control, while providing unsurpassed custom-compounded medical creams, gels, and sterilized products.

Our sterilized solutions are prepared using minimum ISO 14644-1 Class 5 environment. VFN's calibrated and certified Electronic Analytical balances, Autoclaves, and Sterilization Equipment, ensure pinpoint accuracy and sterility. Our off-site HPLC and analytical equipment guarantee up-to-dateproduct purity using proven technology.

The VFN team has years of combined chemistry experience devoted to medicine and R&D, and provides you with unparalled quality products and formulations that we have found to be clinically relevant. Thus, we have earned a reputation as a first-rate provider of innovative ideas and product designs, while maintaining quality, custom-compounded, sterile products and solutions.

Please feel free to contact us for any special requests, questions, or comments.

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Legal Statement

Neither Statements, nor products on this site have been evaluated nor approved by the FDA. VFN Compounding (VFN) offers products via Compounded Prescription only, which are not approved drugs, new drugs nor investigational drugs. We do not manufacture products. If you have any concern with a product that we carry or produce, and think we may be violating any USA law, please contact us immediately, so that our legal team can investigate the matter or concern. All statements, opinions, and advice provided by this website, via wire, or by educational seminars, is provided for educational information only. We do not diagnose nor treat, it is up to each individual licensed doctor, or client of VFN, to use their own educated knowledge and do their own research - being informed of their own jurisprudence and obligations. VFN will not be held responsible for statements provided by licensed individuals or clients of VFN to their respective patients or colleagues. No compounded drug is actually approved in the FDA's opinion, but is allowed based on precedent law. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have about the aforementioned legal statement or to help us make this site better.